What are Barca fans called?

Do football fans worldwide know the term for Barcelona fans? Specifically for Barca enthusiasts, do you understand its origin and significance? 90jili casino will provide synthesized insights in the following article for your understanding

What are Barca fans called?

In football, what is the term Barca Fan called? Cules is known to refer to football fans, also known as Barcelona fans. The origin of the term “cule” in Spanish is the word “culo” which means buttocks in Vietnamese. When translated, it sounds vulgar, but for football fans, it’s not like that at all. 

The term Cules was born in 1909 when the Barcelona club was just a small team. The specific origin of this term will be shared in the content below the article. 

Meaning and origin of Cules

What is the meaning of what Barca fans are called? Cules originated when Barcelona’s home stadium was Les Corts with a very “funny” design style, so the matches that took place here were satirized by the audience. On this field, when watching football, it is easy for passersby to see the buttocks of the fans  when looking from the outside. 

That is the reason for the nickname Cules of Barca fanclub. However, Camp Nou’s current home ground is very modern and the above phenomenon no longer exists. But the team still keeps this nickname because it comes with history. 

The origin of the term Barcelona fan is because this team plays in a stadium with a limited size. At that time, Barca started to become famous, the fans were so crowded that in each match there were often not enough seats for them to sit. At that time, a large part of the fans were watching the match. 

Many fans recounted that they registered and bought tickets but there were not enough seats. That’s why Barca fans still have to sit on the fence. That’s why passersby often only see a scene full of “butts” in the yard and Cules was born from there. 

Does Cules make them feel happy? 

What are Barca fans called? At this point, perhaps you have already answered it. It’s called Cules. Along with that, you also know the origin of this nickname. Many neutral fans of football teams think that this  name is vulgar. So they say it’s a shameful name, a disgrace. 

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But for Barcelona fans, they don’t feel that way. Cules is such a witty and fun name, especially when it is completely different from other football teams in the world. That’s why Barca fans proudly refer to the nickname Cules. 

Barcelona fans no longer have any sense of shame but also appreciate the team’s history. Currently, they are the strongest and most successful team in Europe in recent years and have been trusted by many bettors to deposit bets, so they are even more confident in using the nickname Cules. 

Other nicknames to call Barca Fans 

In football, whatever Barca fans are called, the name Cules is too familiar. The most commonly used nickname of Barcelona club fans is Cules. But besides that nickname, fans of this club have a number of other names. Here are a few other nicknames used to call Barcelona fans. 

Forca Barca: Another name for Fan barca in Catalan whose main meaning is the strength of Barca. This term is also used to call the fan association because Barca fans are always the source of the greatest spiritual strength of the Catalan team. Barca fans are very passionate and are always present to cheer for every team match. ball involved. Forca means the strength and passionate support of the fans for the club. In a match involving Barcelona, you will hear fans shouting Visca el Barca to wish the players well. 

Blaugrana: Another nickname to call Barcelona Fans is  Blaugrana. The name Cai refers to the blue and red shirt colors of Barcelona FC when translated into Spanish 

Above are other nicknames associated with Barcelona club fans. People who are always proud and follow this Spanish team around the world. 

In football, what are Barca fans called? You have been answered in detail in the article. Barcelona’s fan club is also called Cules so people can distinguish it from other clubs. Hopefully the article has provided  interesting football information to fans, especially Barcelona fans.

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